My Story

Tunisian born and raised, he is a Disc-jokey,electronic music producer Based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Leo Nanazzo born Amine Mrabet grew up in Sfax, Tunisia a industrial city in the south in middle class family that already trying to plan his future to be a normal kid but he wasn’t anything normal far from that a deep love for music and everything electronic a young kid with a huge imagination.
He began his amateur career at age sixteen in 2007, Selling beats to his high school  singers and rappers gave him the opportunity to be around talented musician and be part of studio session that taught him a lot about the art of production. 

In 2008 he started a duo with one of his high school Friends producing music under the name “Alpa De Vale” making everything from progressive House to Techno and Deep House releasing there music with Labels such as San Trincha Record, Undervise Records, Fever sound Records and many more however the duo split in 2011 after Leo relocate to Sousse to finish his hospitality management degree.

After graduation in 2016 Leo got him self a job in hotel hoping to sponsor his career as Dj and music producer and after 2 years he quite his job and moved to Bangkok, Thailand to pursue his dreams.

2018 he started Crafting his First Single “Cloudish” under the name Leo Nanazzo.

He host a Podcast Mix called “Evokintsate” release exclusively on his Mixcloud Select Channel.


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